Dear Ms. Loyas, COO – JDT Rehabilitation Center

I write this letter in deep appreciation for the excellent care that I received during the month that I stayed at The Resort for physical therapy.  When I was ready to leave Chilton Medical Center after four days of treatment for a fractured pelvic bone, their social worker asked me for my top three preferences for a rehabilitation facility.  I replied that my #1, #2, and #3 choices were all the same – JDT in Lincoln Park.  I was very much aware of the outstanding treatment that my friend Don Hubner received during the several months that he stayed at JDT in early 2014, and knew that I would receive the same.  I was right.

When I arrived on January 18th, I was wheeled on a stretcher to a beautiful room, and met by two wonderful professionals – Nurse Marlene Grafstein and CNA Monica Bryja who performed an initial examination, provided medication according to my prescriptions, and settled me in for the night.  The following day, I was met by Concierge Maritsa who gave me important information and the assurance that she would make my stay as comfortable as possible while going through therapy.  I also met Nurse Practitioners Ruth Alienza and Sylvia Hernandez who told me that they would be monitoring my condition and the pain medication that would enable me to handle the therapy sessions.  And, then I met the Nurse who most frequently cared for me throughout my four weeks of treatment – Brittany Greenfield.  When I think of the term “Angels of Mercy”, as descriptive of the best of the Nursing profession, I will always think of Nurses Brittany and Marlene; and of CNA’s Monica and Susana and Marisia.

When my therapy sessions began, I could barely move without extreme pain, but I was able to handle the program with medication.  My primary Physical Therapist was Nila Desai, and Occupational Therapist was Rachel Crothers, two professionals whom I respect and admire enormously for their professional skills, sensitivity and compassion, and the encouragement that was so essential to me during this ordeal. Nila was always patient and kind while being ever-persistent in engineering my progress.  I attribute my regained strength to that wonderful person.  Rachel enabled me to relearn basic movements necessary for safe normal daily living, especially important considering that I live alone in my two-floor house. Thanks to the programs that Nila and Rachel conducted, I have progressed far beyond where I thought possible after such a short time.   And, I will soon complete my physical therapy, as an outpatient at JDT.

During the day before my departure, and on the morning when I was leaving The Resort, many of these great persons came by to wish me well; everyone – Brittany and Marlene, Maritsa, and Ruth and Sylvia, and Nila and Rachel, and Monica and Susana and Marisia, and housekeeper Carmen, and social worker Tim.  Each one exemplifies what “healthcare” means, with the emphasis being on “care”.  Each will remain in my heart always. They are doing “The Lord’s Work”.

Ms. Loyas, I thank you for leading such an amazing rehabilitation facility. It has truly made a major positive difference in my life. God bless you all.


Kenneth Stride

My name is Rick Osbun, I was at JDT Rehab from march til late April – room 314. I would like to say thank you so much for helping me so I can walk my daughter down the aisle for her wedding day. The wedding was sept 13th. It was the proudest day of my life that I was able to walk her down the aisle. Thanks to JDT it was made possible. I thank you so much.
– Rick Osbun